Why do you require travel insurance for Canada for IEC work permits

If you want to migrate to Canada from Dubaifor the IEC work permit, then you have to ensure you have travel insurance. Why is it so? The following are some pieces of information that the professionals at migrate to canada from dubai attribute as to the reason why you can get denied entry.

It is a must when it comes to IEC work permits
There are many people who every year are denied the IEC work permits to Canada just because of missing out on buying travel insurance for Canada. The rules of such permits clear that you must have travel insurance that will last the full duration of your stay in Canada.
It is impossible to buy a short policy that will be extended later
The rules are unambiguous when it comes to such work permits. There is no way you can purchase three-month travel insurance and then expect you are going to extend it for two years, later on, to entice the immigration officers. If you buy a three months travel insurance, the immigration officer will give you a three-month visa, and you cannot extend it later on.
You will not get the coverage you need from the provincial insurance
The offer that is on at the provincial insurance is not something that can be accepted by the immigration officers of the federal government. The reason being that it is not going to cover your repatriation costs, such as being flown back to your country in case you die. Other costs that are not covered in the provincial insurance include ambulance, dental accidents, medical services like crutches and casts, and trips to Mexico and the USA.