Luggage Storage in Rome: The Pros and Cons

Coming in the new city might be both fascinating and demanding. If you’re arriving in Rome by aeroplane, train, or tour bus, you might find yourself without a place to retailer your baggage for a few hrs (and even days). Here’s a luggage storage florence break down of the advantages and disadvantages of each and every location it is possible to retail store your luggage storage Rome.

Remaining Suitcases in the Air-port


The left travel luggage counter in the international airport is often found near the arrivals hall, so it’s simple to find. Just look for the indicators!

Baggage safe-keeping in the international airport is normally very safe. Your luggage will likely be saved in a safe and secure place associated with the desk.

Keeping your baggage with the airport terminal is generally inexpensive. As an example, at Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Air-port, it fees €6 each day to get a little item and €8 daily for any big product.


The left travel luggage kitchen counter may be closed when your flight arrives earlier or late into the evening. So, regrettably, you’ll must find in other places to hold your bags.

The remaining suitcases kitchen counter on the air-port can get very busy, specially during peak travel. This signifies which you might need to spend time in series before you check your bags.

Still left Travel luggage in the Train Station


Like the airport terminal, train stations usually have a kept baggage kitchen counter that is readily accessible and available during normal organization hours.

Suitcases safe-keeping at teach stations is often very safe. Your hand bags is going to be placed powering the countertop within a shut area.


If you’re arriving in Rome by shuttle, you won’t be capable of leave your bags at the workout station as there is no baggage counter remaining for coach passengers.

The remaining baggage counter-top with the workout station can get very active, especially during maximum travel. This means you might want to wait for a time before you decrease off your totes.


So, what’s the best place to save your baggage in Rome? The international airport or workout station may well be the best option if you’re looking for comfort and protection. Even so, keeping your baggage at a resort or hostel might be a better option if you’re on a tight budget. Whatever option you choose, shop around in advance so that you can get pleasure from your holiday to Rome anxiety-free!