All you need to know about smelling of wine in the wine tasting process

Smelling wine is the third step in the tasting of wine experience . There are different ways through which you can smell your wine. The first way to smell your wine is through taking short-burst sniffs while making sure that the nose sticks deep within the glass. The second method or way is through taking long whiffs. Taking Long whiffs has been many people’s preferences for a very long time. When you are smelling your wine, here is what you should be checking.

Check for any flaws
The first thing that you should do is check for any potential flaws. During the first whiff, you will be checking whether the wine is good or bad. The most common flaws are in cork taint. When that happens, the liquid in the wine bottle can get contaminated with a chemical compound known as TCA. Apart from cork taint, other flaws might also occur such as the wine being over-oxidized.
Check for any aromas
When you are smelling wine during your wine tour Tuscany, you will also be smelling for any aromas. Your sense of smell can help you determine the presence of fruit flavors in the wine bottle. There are different wine fruit aromas and they depend on the variety of wine that you might be tasting. When tasting white wine, you might discover aromas such as tree fruits, citrus fruit, tropical fruit, and stone or pit fruit as well. For red wine, you will notice red fruits, black fruits, and dried or desiccated fruits. Apart from the aromas, you can also test for earthly evidence through the smelling of the wine. Barrel aging can also be determined through smell.