What's in the cupboard?

The cupboard is essentially split into two halves. Half is for searching and the other half for content. How to make the best of both is explained below but the Cupboard contains a wide range of different types of information. At the core are case studies which are collections of documents which have also been classified. Another example is the legal shelf which is a large and indexed document that provides an overview of the current legal issues surrounding procurement. A third example are tools that are not kept on the site as they come in different shapes and sizes but the description of what they are, and where they are is. All of these are available to you as ways of finding and contributing to the Cupboard.

How to find what you are looking for?

As a searcher there are two distinct ways of searching for content in the cupboard. The quickest and most frequently used is the search box. Anything terms that you enter here will search all forms of content throughout the Cupboard.

The second way is to look by category of information. These are shown in the blue menu bar. So if you click on case studies you are led through a number of classification questions to help you define more tightly the area that you are interested in. From here you can also use the quick jump menu to move between different types of content, for example from tools to meeting notes.

How to contribute content to the Cupboard

As a contributor of content there are a range of functions that enable you to upload case studies and other forms of content. You will be asked to do some classification such as type of benefit area (Social, economic, environmental). In doing this we have sought to keep the form filling to the minimum but still make the most of the information that you upload for the benefit of others.

After you login you will see a green menu bar that will control all of these functions. The cupboard is designed as interactive tool. We envisaged a mutual sharing of information so you can post Case studies as one form of content, but also any other relevant documentation in the library. We now index all documents not just the summary to that maximum benefit is given to searchers.

For your own peace of mind case study that you upload will be visible to other users until you specifically make it so at the end of the upload process. Anything you upload will be saved and you can come back to it and add and amend as often as you like.

If you want more help or have suggestions for improvement please contact us.