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Welcome to the National Sustainable Commissioning and Procurement Programme - Dec 2010 National Programme

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The NSCPP has been running since 2006 with an aim to develop, share and promote good practice and networking in sustainable commissioning and procurement within local government and the wider public sector.The key objectives for the programme are described in this document. The NSCPP aims to provide all of its materials, meeting notes, guidance and presentations on the relevant shelves on www.procurementcupboard.org including the regular update of its invaluable Glossary and Reference Sheet (see the Reference Shelf). It also distributes a regular e-bulletin to provide all public sector commissioning and procurement practitioners with the awareness and understanding of the wide range of relevant and ever-changing drivers for recognising and realising the social, economic and environmental benefits and efficiencies that can be accrued from commissioning and procurement. For further information contact: David Wright Advisor to the NSCPP davidwright@planaassocs.co.uk
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   Notes 2007 (1 doc)
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      m07 Jul 17th (4 docs)
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      m09 Jan 8th (1 doc)
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      m12 Aug 13th (18 docs)
      m13 Oct 24th (12 docs)
      m14 Nov 17th (4 docs)
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      m15 Feb 4th (9 docs)
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      m17 May 19th (6 docs)
      m18 Jun 20th (11 docs)
      m19 Sep 8th (4 docs)
      m20 Nov 25th (4 docs)
   Notes 2010 (1 doc)
      m21 Feb 9th (17 docs)
      Oct - Dec 10 (1 doc)
   Year 2011 (1 doc)
      Q1 Jan-Mar 11 (1 doc)
      Q2 Apr-Jun 11 (1 doc)
      Q3 Jul-Sep 11 (1 doc)
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